100% Empowerment

Raising a drug free family

  • What messages are you sending your family about health?
  • Are you a victim of the medical model’s approach to cover up symptoms as opposed to address the root cause?
  • Do you wonder why your family gets the flu vaccine and still gets the flu?
  • Is your idea of prevention taking an aspirin before the pain starts? Is there a shortage of aspirin in your body?

At 100% Chiropractic we strive to change the way society views health. By definition health is a state of physical, emotional, and social well being, NOT merely the absence of pain and disease.

Is your family ready to embrace true health from a new point of view?

Imagine a life free of sickness, medications and invasive medical procedures. IT’S POSSIBLE! (and a lot less expensive)

100% Chiropractic focuses on care which allows the body to function and perform at its highest level. From boosting the immune system to increasing communication between brain and body, Chiropractic is the best choice for long term health.

Prevention – As with anything in life preventing issues is much more beneficial than trying to work retroactively. This is especially important when it comes to health because too often we wait until our bodies are crying out to us for help! The body is designed only to send a signal of pain when 90% of the function has gone. That means only 10% is working, that’s scary! The long term effects of pressure on the nervous system (subluxations) result in so many health issues because the nervous system is the communication between brain and body. Chiropractic care keeps this line free of interference which leads to a properly function, healthy body. Chiropractic is the best preventive medicine!

Maintenance – Health is a lifestyle and must be maintained. Though proper nutrition and exercise are necessary to health; a proper working body is essential to prosper, thrive and to get the most out of these things and life. Maintaining a healthy nervous system means maintaining a overall healthy wellbeing. Those under chiropractic care report to being not only healthier but happier in life.

Education – Empowering our children and ourselves is the best gift you can give or receive. The heavy reliance we’ve put on medicine in recent years is misleading. Think about the messages being sent to your children. The old one says: “I’m sorry you feel bad. Your body is weak and you need these drugs to be well.” Chiropractic Wellness, on the other hand says, “Your body is strong and has the ability to heal itself. Let’s remove the interference so you can get well on your own. You can trust your body.”

Our goal at 100% if to lead you to these answers about true health, help your family know and understand that true health doesn’t come in a pill. Ask yourself the harder questions about your family’s health. Let 100% Chiropractic be a resource for the questions and answers. Make the decision today to go green for your health, for your kid’s health and for the health of your family as a whole.

Get 100% out of life!!