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Are you looking for a highly qualified Highlands Ranch chiropractor? 100% Chiropractic is blessed and excited to have the wonderful opportunity to serve the Highlands Ranch, Centennial and Littleton areas with innovative treatment. After meeting, getting married and having our first son in Atlanta, GA while in Chiropractic school, we moved to Michigan in 2007 to work with family. In 2011, after 50,000 adjustments, we felt a calling to branch out on our own and begin to establish roots. We spent that year praying and considering many opportunities across the country. After visiting Colorado, we knew immediately this was where we were meant to serve and raise our two energetic sons! In 2012, we made the decision to offer our services as your next Highlands Ranch chiropractor. Since then, we have cherished the gorgeous mountains, invigorating sunshine and genial people, and have relished in the opportunity to empower and positively impact the lives and health of our patients.

Health is not defined as simply being pain free, but the body’s ability to function at 100%. We believe the approach to health is multi-faceted, and bring our chiropractic experience and knowledge in many areas to serve you and your family. We invite you to review our website, Facebook page and testimonials, and look forward to assisting you as your next Highlands Ranch chiropractor.


Since opening in September 2012, 100% Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, Colorado has been blessed to be named…

“Best Chiropractor in Highlands Ranch” by the Highlands Ranch Herald.
“Best Family Chiropractor in Douglas County” by Macaroni Kids-Douglas County
“Best New Business in Highlands Ranch” by the Highlands Ranch Herald
“Innovative New Comer of the Year” by Highlands Ranch Chamber of Commerce
“Best Massage Therapist in Highlands Ranch” by the Highlands Ranch Herald.

We believe this is a testament to our personal mission and dedication to educate and empower the people of Highlands Ranch, Littleton and Centennial. If you have been searching for a Highlands Ranch chiropractor, you have come to the right place. Let us help you on your journey to health!

Our offices are warm and upbeat. We truly feel our patients are part of our 100% family which is why we ask…

Let Our Family Care For Yours!

100% Chiropractic offers the following services: chiropractic care, chiropractic x-rays, massage therapy, treatment of neck, spine, hip, and knee injuries from automobile or sport accidents and also treatment of headaches, allergies and asthma.

We service the Highlands Ranch, Colorado community as well as Littleton and Centennial, Colorado.

Other 100% Chiropractic locations in the Denver area: Lakewood and Parker.



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100% Chiropractic

2030 E County Line Rd, Suite G
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Phone: (303) 347-1007

drmattMatt Thompson has always had a genuine desire to help others and an interest in the enormous benefits of healthy living. Dr. Matt’s goal as a Highlands Ranch Chiropractor is to provide his family, friends and neighbors in the Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Centennial and Lone Tree communities with natural solutions to their health goals by helping your body to function at 100%. As a third generation Chiropractor he was introduced to the Chiropractic lifestyle at a young age. However, it wasn’t until experiencing the positive changes it brought to his life that he knew Chiropractic was his calling. After a season-ending sports injury in high school, he sought care through the allopathic model which advocates pain medication and stretching. That failed attempt led him to Chiropractic and changed his life forever.

After studying biology at North Carolina State University, he moved to Marietta, GA where he earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from the prestigious Life University College of Chiropractic. While in chiropractic school, he met and married his wife, Dr. Jessica. They have been blessed with two sons who were adjusted within minutes of birth and have since benefited greatly from continued Chiropractic care.

Following graduation, Drs. Matt & Jessica began their professional careers in Michigan working with family. Five years and 50,000 adjustments later, they are excited to call Colorado home. The local hospitality, beautiful scenery, and great fare are warm reminders of Dr. Matt’s days growing up in North Carolina. Drs. Matt & Jessica feel at home here at 100 Percent Chiropractic, and believe you will too. Dr. Matt is a committed and compassionate person, he looks forward to being a Highlands Ranch Chiropractor, helping you and your family in the Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Centennial and Lone Tree communities experience the total expression of health. He also serves as a Centennial/Littleton chiropractor as well.

drjessicaDr. Jessica Thompson graduated from Life University where she was the Valedictorian of the Nutrition program and received her doctorate in Chiropractic. She is very excited to serve the Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lone Tree and Centennial chiropractic communities. She is one of 39 chiropractors in her extending family. Dr. Jessica is married to Dr. Matt and they have two sons, Cole and Cade. She prides herself in educating her patients in Colorado on a healthy lifestyle through getting adjusted, eating and sleeping well, exercising, and having a positive mental attitude. Some of her main areas of focus as a Highlands Ranch Chiropractor are pregnancy, family care, sports injury, and nutrition. “I love to see the effects of chiropractic on all age groups; it is fulfilling to know that the body is self-healing when the nervous system is functioning at optimum performance.”

Our offices are warm and upbeat. We truly feel our patients are part of our 100% family which is why we ask..

Let Our Family Care For Yours!

Happy patients!

Dr. Matt and Dr. Jess are wonderful. Not only do my wife and I receive adjustments, but all four of our young children do as well, because we trust them. We always receive excellent care and leave feeling better than when we came in. It feels like their family caring for our family! -Tim L. (father of 4)

“My regular adjustments have definitely made on impact on my overall health. I sleep better, don’t complain as much about my back of course and feel more mobile. My hips don’t ache from walking and my posture has improved. I feel good!” – Victor R.

“You are more than a healer….you are a friend! After being in an auto accident I was experiencing pain in my neck and lower back areas. I tried everything and could not get relief. I decided to visit the chiropractic office and to my pleasant surprise, I met Matt and Jess Thompson. I felt at ease immediately. They listened to my concerns and my apprehension of being adjusted. They were very caring and explained what adjustments were being done and why. Through their care and compassion, I continued with weekly adjustments and found that my areas of stress and migraines were gone. I look forward to the weekly adjustments to keep my body in shape, and I look forward to the visits with Matt and Jess to keep my attitude in shape. What a great combination, and I would highly recommend their professional care.” -Dawn S.

“I am a 57 year old retired police officer and current pastor, who sustained long term back, neck & hip injuries as a result of being hit by two drunk drivers in the course of my police career. I have relied on the comfort and consistent relief that chiropractic offers for many years. I have seen and been under the care of several Chiropractors in that time. None more competent, caring and effective than Dr’s. Jessica & Matt Thompson. It’s unfortunate that they moved from the area where I live as I miss their care. The character and integrity with which they operate is truly a blessing in my life. Having watched Dr. Jess grow up for the last 19 years, I have seen her grow into the amazing quality person and medical professional that she is and I cannot  recommend highly enough these two fine Chiropractors.”  Sincerely and fondly, -Kim S.

“Overall I have noticed a positive change in my health. There is still progress to be made, but I feel like I am on the road to recovery.”  – Jordan B.

“My back hurt after I lifted a container and I decided to try a chiropractor for relief. Dr. Matt found I had an injury from a past car accident and that one of my legs was longer than the other. He worked with me and was able to adjust me so that I have no discomfort. He advised that I needed to learn to sleep in a different position, and was able to relieve the back stiffness I had lived with for years. I am able to enjoy all the sports I like without any issues. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Matt.”
-Frank S.

“I am a VIP member of 100% Chiropractic and have been in the care of Doctor Matt Thompson for the past 6 months. I came to Dr. Matt with multiple problems in my back, feet and elbows. Over the past months my back has become stronger, my elbows a lot less sore, and the gout in my feet has not flared up. After a session with Dr. Matt, I leave rejuvenated, straighter, and definitely with more spring in my step. He is always friendly, and treats me as if he is eager to make my adjustment. My only regret is that he is moving out of my local office and will be so far away.”  -Bob S.

“The people here are great, the doctors are fantastic! I just think this place is great!”  – Tim H.

“I had been experiencing headaches and neck pain to the extent that I went to see an M.D. They scheduled an MRI and were suggesting I see a surgeon. In the process I went to see Dr. Jessica…after one adjustment, I was completely pain free! I am so thankful for chiropractic care!
I became a patient and entrusted my children to the hands of Drs. Matt and Jessica, depending on what time of day I could get the three kids and myself into seeing them. My middle child was one ear infection away from having tubes placed in her ears, after beginning chiropractic care we never saw our Pediatrician for that issue again.
My kids absolutely love “getting pop-corn on their back” and were always excited to visit!”  -Heather P. (mother of 4)

I feel great.

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I've been a patient at 100% since 11/2013 and I feel great! The staff are so welcoming and great at educating the patients on chiropractic care and general health and wellness. I highly recommend Dr. Matt & Dr. Jessica!

Treat you like family.

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Dr. Matt and Dr. Jess are wonderful people and caretakers. I started seeing both of them fresh out of school. They very personable and always ask how you are and whats going on in your life and then remember to ask you about those things on your next visit. Not only do they give great adjustments they also give suggestions on other health issues. I dealt with infertility and they both showed so much compassion and gave me different suggestions in health and diet that my fertility doctor had not suggested. You couldn't ask for two better doctors to treat you and your family.

Their efforts have made a profound effect.

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I have been working with the health care professionals at 100% in Highlands Ranch for 18 months now. The combined efforts of the doctors and the massage therapist has had a very profound effect on my health and wellness. I am stronger, experiencing much less pain in my neck, lower back and feet and I am living without migraines. At 100% the patient partners with the docs to achieve wellness and I am grateful for the advice on nutrition and exercise that they continually recommend and encourage. I am so happy that everyone at 100% is so much younger than me so I am assured of always having them in my life!

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