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Dr. Nico Staples
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chiropractor marietta Dr. Nico Staples, our chiropractor in Marietta, is a graduate from Life University. He received his doctorate in Chiropractics from the largest chiropractic school in the world in June of 2014. During his time at Life, he spent an immense amount of time studying spinal corrective care. This has allowed him to treat patients who have been affected by severe spinal compromises such as Scoliosis.

Dr. Nico also specializes in Pediatric Chiropractics where he has been able to work with both mother and newborn. He has trained extensively in this field using techniques that will enhance the mother’s overall natural birthing experience and ensure total wellness for the newborn. He has done this by establishing a strong connection with top-notch natural healthcare professionals and building a long lasting relationship with an amazing midwife.

His overall passion for the field arrived shortly after a life changing chiropractic adjustment. As a child, Dr. Nico was affected by numerous symptoms that restricted him from doing all of the activities that he loved. After seeing doctor after doctor, no resolution was found. He was prescribed an abundance of medications, none of which seemed to work. Relief finally made an appearance through the form of a chiropractic adjustment and once again allowed him to enjoy all of the things that he had been missing out on for so long.

It is Dr. Nico’s mission to reach out to as many people as possible. By doing this he is determined to create a better kind of healthcare; one that doesn’t rely on medications and prescriptions. He is looking forward to creating a type of healthcare that is focused on the patient; one that understands you can’t provide complete wellness for each individual off of symptoms alone. The main focus of this mission is to educate and empower every patient that walks into the office. Each patient should be educated on how to make their own positive lifestyle changes to ensure a long and healthy life; not just for themselves but for their families as well. It is important to him, as a chiropractor, that a re-connection of communication between the brain and body is fully repaired. Book an appointment with the chiropractor Marietta patients recommend!

Outside of the office, Dr. Nico is a husband to Hannah Staples and a father to his daughter Ava. Hannah will be graduating with a doctorate in Chiropractic Studies and will soon be joining the practice upon her completion. Ava is six months old, has never been vaccinated, and was born through a natural home birth.Family Picture

Dr. Nico is also actively involved in his Marietta community as a speaker and leader. He enjoys reaching out to those who are looking for better ways to gain optimum health, raise healthy families and children, and maintain that optimum health for a lifetime. He is a LifeForce Doctor who is working towards educating future chiropractors and current students. Dr. Nico also thoroughly enjoys being a part of his youth ministry program in his church where he is a youth leader to boys ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade.

As your chiropractor in Marietta, Dr. Nico looks forward to serving his community and helping his patients start living their lives at 100%. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Courtney – Office Manager

12241644_1191154507580852_6846843439128860254_nAt age seven, I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Scoliosis, and through my many years of hardship, I have developed a passion for chiropractic care. As I grew, my spine’s curve progressed, and in 2007 I underwent a spinal fusion as corrective treatment; however, the surgery came with many complications that limited my active lifestyle. In an effort to combat my own pain, I began chiropractic care to correct my spine. Witnessing the relate-able suffering of the other patients, I grew the desire to help these individuals reach their own health goals. Now, having gone through a second surgery to remove the rod and many screws from my back, I have transitioned from a full-time patient, into the Office Manager of 100% Chiropractic in Marietta, GA.


Throughout my journey, I have found that in order to have a successful chiropractic office, the quality of care must be matched with individuals who are invested in the power of chiropractic care. 100% Chiropractic has become my family, and every day I look forward to seeing lives change!