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Dr. Josh Ben

Dr. Josh Ben earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA. He is a chiropractor on a mission to change the face of health in Campbell and San Jose as well as around the world.

Prior to attending Life University, Dr. Ben earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Washington. Upon graduating, Dr. Josh relocated to Campbell and worked as an Associate Doctor in the bay area. Soon after, Dr. Ben married the love of his life, Meghan, and went on to open his own office – 100% Chiropractic Campbell/San Jose. Dr. Ben is not only a chiropractor, but also a lecturer in the community at schools, churches, and Health & Wellness events with the purpose of promoting the chiropractic lifestyle.

Serving the Silicon Valley for the last five years, Dr. Josh is passionate about sharing the message and benefits of principled chiropractic care to this community. He brings a lifetime of personal experience around chiropractic as a wellness management strategy, as he has been under chiropractic care since infancy, and has experienced firsthand the difference a lifetime program of preventive maintenance can make. Chiropractic care played a significant role in his well-being as Dr. Josh grew up. It taught him through regular practice that many health issues can be improved or, better, prevented when the root cause is treated.

As a result of his personal victories with his own health, Dr. Josh now provides this all-natural approach of chiropractic services in Campbell and San Jose through using chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, detoxification, exercise, and education with his patients in order to allow their bodies to heal from within. In their free time, he and Meghan enjoy hiking, skiing, golfing, and Crossfit training.

Doctor = Learned Teacher.

Dr. Josh Ben is a chiropractor, who welcomes community members for personalized and dedicated care, whether it is for wellness, corrective care, or personal injury. Dr. Josh Ben considers his profession as a chiropractic doctor to reflect that of a learned teacher, in that the job of a teacher is not to fill the mind but to open the mind. He has made a commitment to himself as and to the Campbell and San Jose, California community to share his knowledge of chiropractic care and how the human body is designed, so that each person can gain awareness and a true understanding of how they can reach their maximum health potential. This chiropractic office is a wellness center because here, the focus is not only on treating a patient’s pain, but ensuring that each patient experiences long-term relief. Whether you are overcoming sickness & disease or trying to prevent it, wanting to improve your overall health or improve your energy levels, are seeking corrective care or visiting our office due to a recent personal injury, Dr. Josh Ben is the chiropractor that is dedicated to YOU!


For more information or to schedule a time to speak with Dr. Josh, please feel welcome to call the office at (408) 340-5055.

100% Chiropractic offers the following services: chiropractic care, chiropractic x-rays, massage therapy, treatment of neck, spine, hip, and knee injuries from automobile or sport accidents and also treatment of headaches, allergies and asthma.

We service the following areas: San Jose and Campbell, California.


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Our Team

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Adrianna – Office Manager

unnamed 4 (002)Hello, my name is Adrianna. Born and raised here in San Jose. When I’m not soaking up some of this beautiful California sun with my boyfriend and pup, you’ll catch me spending time with family and friends.

Having been under chiropractic care throughout my life I was fortunate enough to have an understanding of how beneficial chiropractic is. What I enjoy most about my role as a Chiropractic Assistant is being able to take part of every patient’s journey to living life at optimal health. Whether it’s a new face in the office or one of our awesome regular patients, I truly look forward to every interaction. Every day in the office is an opportunity to educate patients about a natural form of health care. Myself, along side our office team are here to help you and your loved ones get back to functioning at 100%.




100% Patient Testimonials, San Jose, CA

Even after twenty six physical therapy sessions for a frozen shoulder I can honestly say it wasn’t until I started Chiropractic care with Dr. Josh that I felt an overall improved well-being; I looked in the mirror one day and I saw a much younger person!

I met Dr. Josh when he came into my place of business and was extending an offer to those interested in an evaluation of the spine. I really didn’t know much about Chiropractic Care or how it worked, but I was all for learning more about improving my health and feeling better, so I made an appointment.

The moment I entered the office I was treated very special. I was greeted by the CA who gave me a tour; (lovely office) and welcomed me as if I was family. This was wonderful! I soon met with Dr. Josh. He was extremely professional, educated me on Chiropractic treatment, and took x-rays. At my follow up appointment he thoroughly explained issues of my spine; what was going on and how he could help through adjustments and set up a plan for me. I thought, “Wow this is great, it’s all about me!”

I have had approximately twenty adjustments since November 2011. My posture has improved, and some people have said that I look like I have lost weight. I have days when I feel an overall calm, peacefulness.

I look forward to ongoing treatment this New Year with Dr. Josh. He truly cares about his patients improved health and his enthusiasm for what he does is so obvious! I am so happy to be a patient of 100% Chiropractic! Thank you for caring so much! –Celine Trapani

Dr. Josh – I want to let you know just how much you improved my day last Thursday. When I came in to see you I felt tired and lifeless. After a great adjustment from you I immediately had energy the rest of the day! It was as if my body did a complete 180. Thank you for doing what you do!

100% is a fantastic Chiropractic wellness center for the whole family. I look forward to my bi-weekly visit with Dr. Josh and my kids do too! Dr. Josh is by far the best Chiropractor that I have seen – he is genuine, listens to my health concerns, and always makes me feel better by the time I leave.

I first started seeing Dr. Josh Ben when he was an associate doctor in another Chiropractic Office. I was referred to him by a friend about a year ago, and prior to my first Chiropractic exam with Dr. Josh, I had little knowledge about Chiropractic. During my first visit Dr. Josh thoroughly explained Chiropractic to me, and has really opened up my eyes to the importance of regular chiropractic adjustments and the importance of both corrective and preventative care. He has even got my kids saying the word “subluxation” and looking forward to visits with him as well – although the Xbox in the kid’s area of the office could have something to do with that too! As soon as I found out that Dr. Josh was opening his own office so close to me, I could not wait to get in and see him.

His staff is exceptionally friendly, and his brand new office is BEAUTIFUL and has a very relaxing, tranquil feel. I love the efficiency of this modern office, and I love the convenience of the office location as well. I am happy that I have found Dr. Josh Ben – he is a life saver!

“Dr. Josh is a skilled chiropractor and priority stop for me. I see him once a week. I was having significant issues with a post-surgical knee and my feet. His adjustments have really helped my entire well-being and my goal of being the fittest I can be.”

“Dr. Josh always greets you with a warm smile and makes you feel at home. He makes certain that each of his patients is well educated about their care, giving them a sense that he is their partner in the road to feeling better. Since I started treatment, I am more mindful of when I put my body through too much stress. I am able to recover faster and feel less pain. Thanks, Dr. Josh!”

“100% thumbs up for Dr. BEN. I started getting treatment with Dr. Ben for three months now due to lower back pain and upper shoulder pain. I actually felt better for the first 3 or 4 visit with him but I decided to keep going for my well-being. I have two boys that are involved with physical activities and they love to see him once a week. He is their mentor because he is so kind and encouraging with what he does. His staff is great as well. Getting body massage from Jocelyn is so relaxing and Stephanie so patient with scheduling. THANKS TO DR BEN & STAFF!”

“If you are looking for a chiropractor in the Campbell area, look no further! After a recent car accident, I knew I had to find a chiropractor. A co-worker of mine recommended Dr. Josh Ben at 100% Chiropractic. I took him up on the recommendation and sought treatment for my accident related injuries. Dr. Josh Ben took such good care of me, and made the process extremely easy. All I had to do was show up for the adjustments, and his office handled all the logistics. Following the completion of my personal injury related appointments I stopped seeking chiropractic. It was only 2 weeks later when I was calling Dr. Josh Ben again, as I knew that I never felt as good as I did when I was getting adjusted regularly. Now I am considered a “wellness patient” and my visits to 100% are solely because they help me to feel my best. In some ways, I feel grateful to have been involved in that car accident, as it led me to the best overall physical well-being that my body has ever experienced. If you are looking for a doc who works magic – Dr. Josh Ben is him!”

“Dr. Josh and chiropractic has changed my life – seriously. As someone who is relatively new to the world of chiropractic, I was a bit nervous and apprehensive to go this route. After living with back and neck pain for quite some time, I knew that I had to make a change. I found Dr. Josh through a living social promotion, and it was the best thing I have done in a long time. At first I was seeing Dr. Josh bi-weekly, and as my pain subsided and after seeing proof of the progress I was making (before and after x-rays), I knew I was exactly where my body wanted me to be. Now I see Dr. Josh weekly for wellness, and always look forward to these visits! Thank you Dr. J for all that you do!”

Dr. Josh’s Patient of the Month

Fred M.
In 1996 I had a serious neck injury playing college football. After rehabilitation I still didn’t have feeling on the right side of my scalp and just figured that I would have to live with some nerve damage to surface of the skin in that region. In 1997 I was bit by a Brown Recluse spider on my back and it went undetected for a couple of weeks. It created flulike symptoms and I had terrible sinus infections through the process. The doctors put me on antibiotics for weeks and weeks and through all that it damages parts of my intestine that I had to have removed. This created digestive issues for me that requires me to have annual check-ups since I was 20 years old. Then in 1999, I had a head on collision with a tree @ 65 mph and wondered how I survived. Anyway the reason that I share all this with you is I’ve had to deal with neck, shoulder and back spasms and pain, digestive issues ever since those injuries occurred. I went to see several professionals to try and deal with the pain; family practitioner, chiropractic care, neurologist, orthopedic specialist, ear, nose and throat, and sometimes the ER. Finally, I just took my family doctors suggestion and dealt with the pain through pharmacology – essentially taking muscle relaxers anytime my neck, back or shoulder would spasm. Since being on that treatment regimen its been difficult to exercise or do the types of things that I enjoyed to do because physical activity would trigger a spasm and I would be on muscle relaxers for three to four days. So in the winter of 2010, since I wasn’t able to do the things that I wanted to do, I went to see another neurologist who discovered a C4 herniated disc and C5 bulging disc and recommended surgery to fix the issue. That is where 100% Chiropractic comes into play.

In the spring of 2011, I was going to schedule the surgery for early summer so I could return to work as a school teacher when the fall came around. Right before spring break Dr. Josh Ben and the 100% team visited our school during CSAP testing. Students had a ½ day and teachers were invited to a free 10 minute chair massage by the therapist at 100%. I sat and talked with Dr. Josh and explained to him my situation and he invited me in to the office for a consultation. I figured that I had nothing to lose since I was going to schedule surgery for early summer and just thought why not give chiropractic care one more try. Best decision I’ve made as far as my health is concerned! Besides I didn’t want to have neck surgery in my mid-30’s and have to live with that for the rest of my life.

I started treatment in late April of 2011 and have not taken ONE muscle relaxer since. It has been a really incredible turnaround as far as my overall health is concerned. I started exercising again, went on a couple of backpacking trips over the summer, a fishing trip in Canada, and it just amazed me that through all the things that I put my body through this summer I didn’t go into spasm once and have not needed muscle relaxers. Not only has it resolved my back and neck issues it has also corrected my digestive issues as well. This has been a truly life changing transformation. My wife and I spent some time researching chiropractic care and after seeing the results it had on me both my wife and 18-month old daughter have also been coming to 100%. That is a story to be told on another day but the results are just the same. Anyway I just wanted to thank 100% for the transformation my body has gone through.

Featured Chiro Kids… Colin Baeriswyl & Claire Baeriswyl!

Colin and Claire Baeriswyl are this month’s Chiro Kids! They have been seeing Dr. Josh for just over a year! Colin is 11 years old and Claire is 9 years old, and both are students at Achiever Christian School. They love visiting the office and becoming educated on chiropractic. Colin and Claire are both beginning to develop better posture and know the benefits of keeping the body healthy! Colin has especially benefited from his regular chiropractic adjustments. He used to struggle with symptoms associated with Asthma, however since he has been under the care of Dr. Josh, Colin has not even has to use his inhaler!

In addition to their bi-weekly chiropractic visits, Colin enjoys Boy Scouts and anything that has to do with technology and his sister Claire loves to ice skate and perform theater!