100% Testimonials


Dear Dr. Jason and Dr. Vanessa,

This time of year is a time to give thanks for the blessing in our lives. We wanted to take a minute to let you know how thrilled we have been with our treatment at your offices and how very blessed we feel to have found such great care from not just one but three of your offices.

John began his treatment at the downtown office and was very impressed with the thoroughness of care he received. He had been to chiropractors off and on for years, but the treatment at 100% went above and beyond what he had experienced and expected. He soon convinced Catherine, who was pregnant, to begin seeing you. Though she was very nervous, she was very impressed with Dr. Jason’s knowledge of pregnancy and quickly felt comfortable with the care and looked forward to her weekly adjustments. She was also very satisfied with the treatment she received and both of us were convinced to start our son off right and were excited (and admittedly a bit nervous) to have John the Third receive his first adjustment when he was only a week old.

We loved coming in as a family for our weekly adjustments to the downtown office and have missed the wonderful staff since we transferred to the east office. We were excited to transfer there since it was just down the road from us. We love seeing Courtney, Liz, and Dr. Ryan on a weekly basis. We felt as if our family was part of a larger 100% family and loved how great the staff was and how well Dr. Ryan interacted with our son when he adjusted him. No matter how busy the office was, Dr. Ryan made us feel like we were the most important patients when we walked in the door. He was never too busy to answer our questions or give us the extra attention he knew we needed.

We have also been impressed with the way Catherine’s sister was welcomed when she had visited from South Dakota. On multiple occasions, she visited and needed chiropractic care. Both the downtown office and the East office were able to fit her in and treated her with the same quality of adjustments we were used to. On one occasion, she came in a lot of pain and was fit in on a very short notice. It is nice to have dependable care for not only our immediate family, but also know our extend family will be treated with the same care.

Now that we live in Denver, we go to see Dr. Darby once a week, and couldn’t imagine being treated by any other chiropractor. We were first adjusted by her when we were still coming in to the downtown office and were excited that she took over the Lakewood office. Though it is a little out of our way, it is well worth the drive. The first time we showed up she remembered us and was excited that we were going to start seeing her for our adjustments. The staff in Lakewood is also friendly, and exactly what we have come to except from 100%. Dr. Darby is also great with our son and knowledgeable about the problems that kids have. Dr. Darby and Dr. Ryan have also helped Catherine with wrist and shoulder issues she started having after her change in profession. With a little extra care and knowledge of exercises Catherine could do on a daily basis, she found relief within 2 weeks.

We have loved 100% from the beginning and enjoy the holistic approach to our health that everyone takes, and find the information very valuable (especially the information from the seminar on vaccinations). You both seem to have a knack for picking excellent doctors and staff (including the massage therapist) and should know that the staff at the Colorado Springs East and the Lakewood office do a great job. We are sure you know the people downtown are great people, but wanted to make sure you knew what excellent work the people at these offices do. We have been sad to change for each office we have been treated at, but have also looked forward to creating new relationships with the great people at each new office we have been to.
Our personal experience has shown the importance of chiropractic care for children as well. Little John is very happy and healthy, and seems much healthier than his cousins that do not see chiropractors (let alone those of the quality found at 100%). John has never had croup, ear infections, or the other health problems that his cousins seem to have on a regular basis. He does have his share of colds, but otherwise been healthy. Dr. Ryan and Dr. Darby have know John since he was very little, and are very knowledgeable about children’s health issues and have given very helpful advice that has helped is with his eczema when he was young.

We recommend 100% to many people we talk to and will continue to do so. We look forward to our family being treated by Dr. Darby for as long as we live in the Denver area and hope that a 100% office opens wherever we end up after our time in Denver. Thanks for the years of great service so far, and we look forward to many more years of the same.

With our sincere gratitude,
John, Catherine, and John Davis III

Expect Miracles…We Do.

Chiropractic care with 100% has been life changing. After the birth of my third child, I was prone to severe and frequent migraines. Care has increased my energy and nearly eliminated the migraines.
Christine L.

When I first came to 100% I didn’t think I needed a lot correction in my posture but now after a couple of months I’ve seen dramatic improvement in my posture and reduction in back pain and improvement in my overall health and well-being.
-Matt M.

Before coming in to 100% Chiropractic I have had a long history of headaches and back pain. Ever since my first week I have experienced minimal to no pain in my back (which hasn’t happened for me for years) with hardly any headaches and absolutely no migraines! Not only has my back and head pain been managed but my overall sense of well-being has also improved. Drs. Jason, Vanessa, and Walt care a lot about their patients and Lizz, Jenny, and Joy at the front desk are simply wonderful.
– Sean K.

When I came to 100% Chiropractic, I had hip pain that prohibited me from carrying toddlers, mowing my lawn, hiking on uneven surfaces or lifting anything heavy. After 3 months of regular chiropractic care, I can now do all those things. In fact, last month my husband and I moved and I carried my fair share of boxes with very minimal pain. Hooray!! It feels good to be able to function again.
– Rachelle W.

The health benefits of regular chiropractic care have been known to me for many years. I had received periodic maintenance adjustments from another chiropractor before he retired and closed his practice. Kristi and I had met at this previous doctors office where I had also discovered the increased benefit that therapeutic massage affords. I knew Kristi had started as a massage therapist for another practice, so I tracked her down and found her here at 100% Chiropractic. She told me how they do things a bit differently here; using modern technology and approaches to care, and she convinced me to give 100% a try.

As a husband and as father of three sons (23, 17, and 11 years old), being in good shape and in optimal health is a high priority for me. Whether we’re talking about a backpacking trip into the high country to fish a remote mountain lake or just sitting in the bleachers at a ball game, I want to remain active and be an integral part of their lives!

As a business owner, the day-to-day stresses cause a lot of tension, discomfort and even pain in my neck and back, and periodically my sciatic nerve bothers me. In order to maintain my busy schedule and feel good while doing so, chiropractic and regular therapeutic massage have been a huge help to me.

It was last November when I made an appointment and my first visit to 100% Chiropractic. I could tell right from the start by their vibrancy and excitement that the staff demonstrated that this was going to be a different chiropractic experience than I had grown accustomed to. The warmth and friendliness made it seem like I had known these folks for a long time.

The technologically advanced diagnostic equipment that is used at 100% is impressive. As an electrical engineer I appreciate good new technology (Ive been accused of being a technology junky). In addition to standard x-rays, my neck and spine were scanned to find out where I had damage and inflammation that needed attention and correction.

I first met Dr. Jason when he reviewed the results of my initial x-rays and scans with me. He showed me that the curvature of my neck was not what it should be, and that there were also significant issues with my spin. He told me I could get along with just periodic adjustments, but that I would realize much better short and long term results by starting a more intense series of corrective treatments. It was my decision to move forward with correcting my structural deficiencies instead of maintaining where I was.

Dr. Jason generally treats me, but all of the doctors here are great.

I could not be more satisfied with the results. My follow-up exam a couple of weeks ago showed marked improvement in the curvature of my neck, and my spin is aligning to where it should be! I schedule regular massages and always look forward to the stress relief that those provide, and Im much more relaxed for my adjustments following a massage.

THANKS 100 % Chiropractic!
– Vern P.

“I was introduced to the great team at 100% Chiropractic within the first few weeks of marriage. My husband, Rob, was on a treatment plan prior to our getting married, and was really enthusiastic about the great people at the office, and how much better he felt after the weekly adjustments. Within a few days of returning home form our honeymoon, we took a walk to make the introduction. As a newly married couple, we had made it a life goal to stay healthy, active, and to prevent illness / sickness by being proactive in our health. Therefore, we believed chiropractic care was well worth the investment of time and money.My chief complaint was a lower back ache, and i thought I’d just come in for maintenance adjustments. After reviewing the X-rays and visually seeing how the curvature in my neck was almost gone, Rob and I decided that the corrective plan was necessary to truly see the benefit for my spine and nervous system.As you can see from the films, the treatment plan was well worth it! In addition to the visual changes in my neck and back, I have also noticed the following: a boost in my immune system during the winter months / flu season, and increased self-awareness to when I am in need of an adjustment. My favorite story was after a 5 mile run. My knee was really hurting me to the point of taking a Motrin. ( Understand that I haven’t taken medicine in months.) Instead, I decided to come and get adjusted, asking Dr. Jason to take a look at my knee. When I left the office, it truly was night and day… the pain in my knee had subsided and I was able to increase my mileage later on in the week without any difficulty!Rob and I have been married for 8 months now, and I think we are off to a great start. We have both been chosen as “Patient of the Month” after the end of our corrective plan. We are fulfilling our goal of staying active, keeping the newlywed pounds off, and keeping preventative care a lifestyle investment.” -Allison C. “Since starting my regimen of chiropractic care, the before and after x-rays truly tell a story. A dramatic change to be sure. However, the true measure of chiropractic success can be measured in another way. A way that is unconventional at best. Simply check with your spouse about your pre and post back / neck griping. In my case the change is nothing short of a minor miracle. My wife’s stress level due to my constant whining has almost gone away!! Many more wonderful married years await me!! Thank you Dr.’s Jason, Vanessa and staff at 100% chiropractic.
-Dan B.

“I started going to 100% Chiropractic about 2 years ago. I was having headaches 3 to 4 times a week along with a lot of lower back pain. With regular visits the headaches reduced to once a week and my lower back feels much better and stronger. Then I was put on a reconstructive care program and i rarely have headaches now. 100% Chiropractic is a very open and friendly environment. Dr. Jason and Dr. Vanessa along with the entire staff always make you feel welcome and cared for. Thank you.”
-Chris L.

“Wow, I feel great!” “I have asthma, and before coming here I needed my rescue inhaler at least 2 times a week or more. Since starting here, that dropped almost immediately and now I do not need my rescue inhaler at all! I can breathe again! It has been 6 years since I felt so good! Thank you”
-Angela M. March 2007

“I have grown up going to a chiropractor. In the past, the focus was on a once-in-a-while maintenance plan rather than healing a problem. When I began receiving care from 100% the focus was on healing instead of just getting my money and not caring about the outcome. I have felt more energy; less headaches and neck pain and feel overall in great health! I also have not been sick, as I have been in the past. I am a great example of the difference between targeted healing from a focused plan, and just ‘getting one’s back cracked.’ Thanks for your individual care in regard to my health! ”
-Kara S. Sept 2007

“Since receiving treatment for injury from a car accident, the pain in my neck and left shoulder has greatly decreased. My lower back is also better. It has helped a great deal to sleep better. Headaches have basically gone away. Thanks!”
-Steve P. Dec.2007

“Since receiving treatment due to a broken leg in a car accident, it has helped relieve the strain on my back due to using crutches and having a boot on my leg. The pains in my back have lessened when I sleep.”
-Linda P. Dec.2007

“On the first day I remember sitting in the waiting room at the 100% Chiropractic Wellness Center reading a sign saying ‘We expect miracles, you should too.’ I thought this was a little over optimistic at the time, but over the last five months I’ve changed my opinion. I went to the chiropractor because of months of incredible pain in my lower back that I thought was caused by a ruptured disc. I just wanted to end the agony. I knew I would need surgery. I was disheartened. After an examination and x-rays, Dr. Helfrich walked in and said, ‘I can fix that,’ as if he really did expect miracles. I thought I was done for the day and would start treatment the next week, but he asked me to lay down on my stomach for a second. Before I knew what was happening he pressed on my agonizingly sore back and I screamed in expectation of incredible pain. However, no pain came. In fact I was no longer in pain. The sharp knifing pain had been transformed into a minor ache. That was miracle number one. Next I was given a long health questionnaire and told to bring it back when I came for my next appointment. The questionnaire did not just ask about my back as expected, but asked about my over all health. When I asked Dr. Helfrich why he needed to know about health issues such as allergies, digestive problems and other items I thought were unrelated to chiropractic treatment, he said everything is related to chiropactic treatment. Since he already had performed a miracle, I didn’t argue, but I was still hesitant to believe. During the second office visit he again adjusted my lower back, explaining that he needed to keep adjusting the lower back until the problem was permanently fixed. During this visit, I jokingly said why don’t you adjust for my pollen allergies. Again he said, ‘I can fix that.’ And he did. My pollen allergies which had become unbearable this summer were gone the next day. Miracle number two had been performed. Over the next several months my headaches disappeared, my aching knees quit aching , my heartburn has gone, and my posture has greatly improved. Miracles three, four, five, and six have been performed. I am lifting weights, hiking, taking yoga, and enjoying life. Dr. Helfrich expects miracles, and I am sure he will perform many more for me and other grateful patients. Expect Miracles.”
-Dennis M. Feb. 2007

“My experience with 100% Chiropracic has been a true blessing in my life. I have spent years suffering from near daily occurring headaches. It was discovered that I had a reverse curve in my neck attributing to the headaches as well as being considered dangerous to my overall health. Within four months of treatment at 100%, my headaches disappeared and at my last exam the curve in my neck had moved to a positive curve of over 14 degrees. That was actually near a 30 degree movement. Dr. Jason, Dr. Vanessa, and Dr. Deb have all made a dramatic impact to the overall quality of my life and I am truly grateful. The staff has also been extremely helpful, friendly, and always a pleasure to see. Thanks to all at 100% Chiropractic.”
-Spero S. Aug. 2007

“September of 2004 started my encounter with Drs. Jason and Vanessa Helfrich. Joy greets you with a happy smile, guides you through the session, and sends you on your way with a happy thought. I was under the weather succumbing to low back pain (Sciatica) which followed with a pulled ham string to compound the problem. I also introduced them to a plethora of other ailments or challenges, which they heartily attacked. Today I am beginning to return to my favorite past times of tennis, gardening, and home projects, which consume most of my time. I have seen the back pain almost completely disappear; the wrist pain takes longer to occur, though I still work with railroad ties, but with the aid of friends and special tools. The positive attitude I have encountered at 100% is a great way to start my week and I thoroughly enjoy the encounter. I walk out the door feeling good about the days to come and about myself. I have mentioned my visits to my tennis friends with the positive results and hope they too will give Chiropractic a try.”
-Roger B

“I had trouble walking with lower back pain. It was hard walking around and getting up in the morning. Finally I couldn`t take the pain. I came to 100% Chiropractic to see what help they could give. The first visit I got some treatment and it helped. I was able to walk with some pain. As I later found out I have a slipping disk and have no curves to my upper spine. As time goes and I received more treatment the pain in my lower back is gone and I have a 22 degree curve compared to a 0 degree curve before. It has greatly helped me out. I stand taller. I have noticed my posture when walking has changed. Several co-workers have told me that I even look taller. Unfortunately I did have a little hick-up. I re-aggravated my lower back, but within two days I was back on my feet. It has been a great experience being treated by 100% Chiropractic.”
-Alex B.

“It has been a very pleasant and healthy experience with Drs. Jason and Vanessa, and Joy at the phone. Two weeks after I began treatments, I felt a change in my back and neck, more relaxed, free of pain. I fully recommend treatment from Drs. Jason and Vanessa Helfrich.”
-Ben R.

“I am a true believer of Chiropractic care. I was a patient of Jason Helfrich in 2004. I was being treated for neck pain and was in the worst condition of my life. After being treated on a regular basis of 3, sometimes 4 times a week, my symptoms improved. I am thrilled to say that I am now symptom free. The most valuable lesson I have learned is to be consistent with your treatment care plan and to follow the Doctors recommendations for optimal health. I am a proud mother of two, enjoying my life as a result of great Chirorpactic care. Now that I understand the benefits of chiropractic, my children are also seen regularly and enjoying the benefits.

Thank you Jason!”
-Monica H.