Chiropractor in Buford, GA

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Buford, GA, 100% Chiropractic A Wellness Center is the perfect choice. We strive to maintain individualized service to all of our patients. At our wellness center, we offer chiropractic care for the entire family. For example, on any given day, when you visit our wellness center, you may witness a pregnant woman focused on maintaining a balanced pelvis and nervous system in preparation for birth, or a newborn getting an adjustment for the very first time to undo stressors from the birthing process.chiropractor buford ga

Our team of doctors and staff believe that a family based approach is an imperative component to your health and wellness. When visiting our chiropractic office in Buford, GA, you should expect to walk into a positive environments. At our center, we feel healing is maximized in a positive environment.

At 100% Chiropractic A Wellness Center, our name is not just a slogan- it’s the way we practice and live life- at 100%! We are a modern facility that is known for our range of chiropractic techniques and numerous other services.

The majority of our practice is wellness care. Our patients who decide to take charge of their health by maintaining a subluxation-free spine free of harmful nerve interference do so through wellness care and our VIP Club- consisting of only our healthiest patients.

We are known as a wellness center because we help our patients achieve optimal health and wellness. As a premier chiropractor in Buford, GA, we strive to help our patients know that what we put in our bodies for fuel is vital to health. At our center, we offer a variety of top-quality supplements as well as host classes and workshops to educate and empower our members on nutrition and help them understand preventative methods.

The 100% Chiropractic concept is catching on and growing because of our committed team of doctors and staff members!