Webster’s Technique


Chiropractic care for women is not only safe, it is essential in helping with the structural alignment of the back and pelvis during pregnancy,Male spine anatomy a time when extra stress is placed on the mother’s spine from the growing fetus. Many pregnant women suffer from lower back pain during pregnancy, when the center of gravity shifts from the hips to the stomach area. Hormonal changes which take place during pregnancy also affect the ligaments and muscles involved in supporting the fetus as it grows within the mother.

When it comes to the mother’s comfort level during pregnancy, chiropractic care helps keep the spinal structure balanced as the baby grows. This can assist greatly in relieving common discomforts associated with pregnancy, and also ensures the pelvic opening is properly aligned so that labor is not unnecessarily extended. Sometimes, as the delivery date approaches, the baby has not moved into the proper birthing position by the time labor and delivery are imminent, and steps must be taken to move the baby into position to facilitate labor. This is where the Webster Technique comes into play, helping both mothers and babies enjoy a kinder, safer birth experience.

Larry Webster, DC, founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, noted a connection between subluxations of the sacral and pelvic bones and abnormal fetal positioning in the 1970s. He developed a gentle chiropractic adjusting technique to restore movement and alignment in the sacrum, noting that babies would regularly turn to the proper birthing position (known as the vertex position) on their own after an adjustment.

Ligaments behind and in front of the uterus, as well as on each side, are attached to the pelvis and sacrum. The extra physical load on the mother’s bone structure, along with increased hormones present in soft tissues make it easy for the sacrum and pelvic bones to shift and become unbalanced. Any minor physical trauma, improper posture, or extended bed rest can also contribute to sacral misalignment. When this occurs, ligaments may be pulled, causing undue tension in the uterus.

In these situations, the baby may not be free to move into the optimum position for birth. Until the pull on the uterus can be removed, the baby may not be able to force its way into the vertex position. Pregnant mothers often report a decrease in the baby’s movement, or a development of jerky, tense movements, indicating that the baby’s ability to move is restricted.

The Webster chiropractic adjustment assists in realigning the sacrum, which may relieve the pull that creates tension in the uterus. Once that tension is removed, the baby should be free to assume the best possible position for birth. The Webster technique does not involve any external forces applied on the baby directly, and is very comfortable for both mother and child, as well as extremely safe. Although labeled by some as simply a technique for turning breeched babies, the goal of the Webster technique is to normalize the function of the joints, muscles, and nervous system of pregnant women.

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