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Dr. Christian SimmonsDr. Christian Simmons

Greetings Community,

We at 100%  Chiropractic would like to take the time out to introduce the latest addition to our clinic family. Dr. Christian Alexander Simmons comes to us from the Midwest hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Simmons was an exceptional student graduating from Logan University with his Doctorate in Chiropractic as well attaining a separate Master of Sports Science and Rehabilitation degree. Upon receiving his Chiropractic Degree, Dr. Simmons was approached with an opportunity to become a Visiting Scholar at the third largest University in Texas, Sam Houston State University. During this time at Sam Houston, Dr. Simmons assisted with key clinical research with heart rate monitoring systems, as well as providing crucial input on bone and muscle density research.  Dr. Simmons was hand picked by Dr. Richer to become partner in the 25-year tradition at Richer Chiropractic in serving the community. Dr. Richer states “The combination of his unmatched passion and dedication”, made it an easy decision to pursue and welcome Dr. Simmons with open arms.   So please join us in welcoming Dr. Christian Alexander Simmons to our ever-blossoming community.