Pediatric Chiropractor in Dunwoody

Many parents are actively seeking chiropractic services for their children. Birth can be just as traumatic for the child as it was for the mother, especially if that child was not positioned correctly in utero or if further medical intervention was needed to allow labor to progress and for delivery to occur. You deserve one of the best pediatric chiropractors in Dunwoody for your child, Dr. Sam.

Newborns have spines that can easily get misaligned during birth.  Numerous studies have shown that spinal misalignments can affect your child’s developmental stages.  Additional health issues can develop such as allergies, a depressed immune system, ear infections, and behavioral issues such as ADHD.  Newborns and children can benefit from chiropractic evaluations that help determine if your child has a subluxation.pediatric chiropractor dunwoody

Subluxations in children can only be found by a skilled pediatric chiropractor, just like cavities can only be detected by a dentist.  Most of us do not wait for our children’s teeth to rot to take them to a dentist.  Therefore, waiting until your kids experience pain to have them evaluated by a chiropractor is not recommended.  Dr. Sam uses extremely gentle and safe techniques.  Most children and infants even sleep right through their adjustment.  Some of the benefits our child patients experience include the elimination of medications, better academic performance, better athletic performance, improved sleep and improved speech!

Dr. Sam has dedicated her life to improving the overall health and quality of life of all children and families.  She has helped numerous children suffering from a variety of conditions.  Being certified in Webster Intrauterine Constraint Technique allows her to prepare the expectant mother and her infant for labor and delivery by perfecting their pelvic alignment.  Soon to be certified by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics as a CACCP (i.e. a Certified Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractor), you will not find a better pediatric chiropractor in Dunwoody.