…and What to Expect When You Start

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When you begin your chiropractic journey you might not know what to expect, after all, every chiropractor is different! You might have seen chiropractic clinics advertising “no exam needed” or seen dingy offices with spines and skeletons hanging around every corner. Well, let me assure you that chiropractic has changed and when you find that one practice that prides itself in top-notch care and customer service, there is no limit to the health benefits you can experience. Here are the top 4 things to expect when you begin your chiropractic care in a Corrective Care office.

1. Expect X-rays
X-rays are the best way to get a clear picture of what is going on in your spine. Studies have shown that posture and hands on examinations do not accurately show spinal misalignments.

2. Expect a plan
Corrective care doctors take your exam findings along with your goals to determine the best way to correct the misalignments in the spine. Just like a dentist may recommend a course of care to correct your teeth, your Corrective Care chiropractor will do the same.

3. Expect homework
Your corrective care doctor wants to see changes in the structure of your spine! However, they need your help. They might recommend home exercises, nutritional advice, traction, or even modifications of your daily activities to start changing the current patterns your body is exhibiting.

4. Expect your life to be changed.
Corrective care is designed to change the structure of your spine, which can allow your nervous system to work better! Expect your body to start functioning at a higher level.

When you find that chiropractor who is ready to walk hand-in-hand with you through corrective care, be ready for incredible changes in your health!

-Dr. Anna Petersen , 100% Chiropractic in Parker, CO